Santa Clara Valley Water District

STATION 5053 - Upper Page Ditch at the Head

Latitude: 37˚ 15' 45" N
Elevation: 240 ft.
Longitude: 121˚ 57' 17" W
Locaide:18 57-31

Station is located in the Oka Recharge Ponds at the head of Upper Page Ditch. The water is supplied by an intake valve upstream of Kirk Dam.
Period of Record
Records began on October 1, 1934, and continue to present.
Station History
Date Note
10/01/1934 Gage installed.
04/29/1973 Fisher-Porter ADR installed in 36 inch stilling well.
1992 Fisher-Porter ADR replaced by Acro data logger.
04/04/2009 Acro replaced by H510.
04/19/2019 Put on GOES system.