Santa Clara Valley Water District

STATION 5021 - Ross Creek at Blossom Hill Road

GOES ID 5021

Latitude: 37˚ 14' 07" N
Elevation: 328 ft.
Drainage Area: 1.9 sq miles
Longitude: 121˚ 57' 06" W
Locaide: 26 53-51

Recorder is located 100 feet downstream of Blossom Hill Road on the left(west) bank. Purpose of operation for water rights, water supply, and flood control. Concrete weir is low flow control, bank constriction below the station is medium and high flow control.
Period of Record
Measurements at this location began October 1, 1945, with continuous operation to the present.
Station History
Date Note
10/01/1945 Gage established at this location.
12/15/1969 Fisher and Porter ADR installed in 36 inch CMP.
07/13/1995 ADR was replaced with Acro data logger.
02/04/2009 Acro data logger was replaced with a Design Analysis H510.