Santa Clara Valley Water District

STATION 5017 - Guadalupe Creek Below Guadalupe Reservoir

GOES ID 5017

Latitude: 37˚ 11' 58" N
Elevation: 528 ft.
Drainage Area: 6 square miles
Longitude: 121˚ 48' 40" W
Locaide: 30 48-40

Recorder is located on the right bank 200 feet below the confluence of the creek and Guadalupe Dam spillway. Site control consists of a natural channel with a concrete weir with metal lip. Gage operated for water rights, water supply, flood protection, environmental flows, and operations.
Period of Record
Gage established at this location on October 1, 1941 and operational to date.
Station History
Date Note
07/31/1974 Fischer and Porter ADR installed in 36-inch CMP.
06/16/1987 Sierra Misco 5050 Alert transmitter installed.
07/11/1995 Replaced ADR with Acro Level sensor and data logger.
09/17/1998 Replaced 5050 transmitter with hydrolynx 5096.
09/15/2006 The weir pool was cleaned and the weir lip was rebuilt.
05/05/2010 Replaced the Acro level sensor with a Design Analysis H510XL.
02/02/2018 Alert radio was replaced with GOES.