Santa Clara Valley Water District



Latitude: 36˚ 57' 30" N
Elevation: 654.00201 ft.
Longitude: 121˚ 36' 17" W
Locaide: 61 71-12

Station located on private ranch approximately 2.5 miles west of Hwy 101 on Castro Valley Rd., near Gavilan College.
Period of Record
Measurements began October 1, 1939, with continuous operation to the present.
Station History
Date Note
01/28/1964 8-inch Bendix recorder installed. gauge type used prior to this date is unknown.
09/22/1965 8-inch Fischer & Porter ADR recorder installed with windshield.
10/05/1976 Fischer & Porter ADR converted from English to metric measurement.
05/30/1978 Station moved approximately 400 feet northeast and 75 feet lower than the old site. No windshield installed. Station name and number unchanged.
05/27/1980 Fischer & Porter ADR converted from metric to English measurement.and 100 feet higher in elevation; station name and number unchanged.
08/17/1987 12-inch Handar radio-reporting tipping bucket gauge, with one millimeter resolution, installed to supplement the existing Fischer & Porter ADR.
08/27/1992 Fischer & Porter ADR removed from service.
08/22/2005 Handar 585 replaced with High Sierra 3206 and new top section including new tipping bucket.
07/23/2009 High Sierra 3206 replaced with Hydrolynx 5096.
07/18/2013 Hydrolynx 5096 replaced with High Sierra 3206.