Santa Clara Valley Water District


GOES ID 4007

This station was previously Alert ID 1466 and has been converted to GOES Satellite Radio. Refer to Alert ID 1466 for historical data.

Latitude: 37˚ 12' 06" N
Longitude: 121˚ 59' 17" W
Locaide: 32 27-48

Located on Highway 17 in the foothills southwest of Los Gatos. Center of dam located along Alma Bridge Road at the north edge of the reservoir.
Period of Record
SCVWD record begins November 14, 1960. Station converted to GOES Satellite Radio in October 2016.
Station Information
Radio telemetry GOES Satellite station. Waterlog Gas Purge System.
Area / Capacity Curve
Last aerial survey was completed on January 28, 2000; application to storage and surface area ratings will be applied effective October 1, 2000 based on this survey.
General Information
Drainage Area: 36.9 Square Miles
Year Constructed: 1952
Reservoir Capacity: 19,044 Acre Feet
Reservoir Surface Area (full): 412 Acres
Local Datum (water elevation measurements): "Local" Elevation